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January 29th 2017


An introduction to yourself and your business, the business card can be multi-functional.  It allows customers to have your details and it sets the tone for how people can perceive your business.   Great quality cards are ideal for making a solid first impression. It may seem that everything we do is online but the business card is still important and I can’t imagine replacing this anytime soon!


When you’re meeting customers, clients or simply leaving your business cards out they really are able to create your big ‘wow’ impression.


Sending an email with your details may help at getting your name out there but to create genuine connections (and hopefully business for you!) a business card is still so important. 

In the past the trend for business cards was simple, the contact details with possibly a logo and printed in black and white.  


The use of spot UV and different textures of card are becoming increasingly popular.  Spot UV coating or "varnish" is applied to chosen areas of a printed card. This has the effect of highlighting and drawing attention to different elements of the design, but it also provides the additional visual stimulus of having varied textures on a single printed surface.  The options of matt, gloss or soft touch lamination are a great addition for an added luxurious feel.


Wanting to stand out and impress? High Gloss’ reflective shine brightens your graphics, and creates extremely vibrant eye-catching colours. On our super thick 450gsm card, it’s water-resistant, and has a strong tactile grip.


When you make a business connection the last thing you want your business card to say is cheap or unmemorable.  At CTB we provide luxurious cards at affordable prices.

Recently we produced soft touch business cards for a nail technician, with their tactile and velvet finish they were ideal for her and how she wants her business to be perceived; luxurious and elegant. 


Providing something unique to help you stand out is what we’re here for!!  We can arm you with the tools to help your business thrive!  Here at CTB we can offer not only advice on card types but design too!  Come and challenge us with something unique for your business. 


Written by Rhea Bailey


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