Is print the 'new' old?

January 16th 2017


2017 is all about the year of the reinvented past. The 90s is right back on trend with all the clothing and music dominating the charts! Although I’m not complaining (I love a bit of The Spice Girls!), it got me to thinking if styles and designs for print come back into fashion too?


We have been printing a lot more 2 part pads (where a copy of the document can be given to the customer and 1 can be kept for the business) recently. I spoke to the owner of a rental business who recently started printing these again. She said people liked having a physical copy they could keep. Also the electronic machine they used was often running out of power or wouldn’t connect so an old fashioned pen and paper worked best!


Over 20 years ago a large part of our business was printing order books for the milkman. Now I can’t remember the last time I saw a milkman let alone had my milk delivered! We now print tags, cards and leaflets for an organic fruit company who deliver direct to your door. This century’s milkman! By using print they are able to personalise individual orders and advertise their business.


The business cards they use act as the ‘face’ of their company and help to create a memorable first impression; an impression that can stay with them in their wallet or purse as a helpful reminder of your business. Yes an online presence is essential for today’s business but there is something about physically touching and feeling the quality of the card or paper that you don’t get online.


Maybe some things have gone for good, some have changed and some evolved. Yes the internet has changed everything for us all but print is definitely evolving and growing. It can compliment and add to your business! Print is the ‘new’ old!!


Written by Rhea Bailey



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