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November 27th 2016


I actually LOVE designing logos.  I really do.  It excites me to chat with my clients and find out exactly what look they want for their company.  The impression they want to give, their desires, their likes and dislikes.  I feel like I get a real insight into their hopes and dreams.  People seem to have a real passion for the company that they represent, which I think is fab.


I do feel very honoured that people put their trust in me to produce one of the most important things to their future – their brand identity. The first thing people look at on their website, the first impression they get on their business cards, the symbol/image that should then remain in their memories and associate with them.


There are a lot of things that you have to consider when designing a logo.  The visibility on large scale advertising such as vans / cars, the colours used and how they will look on a website.  One thing I always advise clients to do is certainly carry out a little market research on the potential designs, especially once we are almost ready to go ahead. Is the look giving off the message you are looking for? Are the words / letters easily legible? Do the colours work well on all forms of advertising? As much as you want to just go with your gut instinct, you know your company, you know the name and what services you offer.  You need fresh eyes on it to get a true idea of the first impression.  Then you get to go for it and I tell you, it is SO exciting to see peoples faces when they see their logo in use – on their business card, taking pride of place on their website homepage.  It also makes me feel really proud at that point, I know I am a dweeb! 


Written by Susanna Clark


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