Top tips on the most effective leaflet marketing

July 25th 2017


Use good images and photos – clip art is SO 90s!

Your leaflet needs to catch the eye of your audience, images are the best way for this to happen. Use a website such as to find the perfect look. 


Do not write an essay

Noone is going to sit and read paragraphs and paragraphs of text. Clearly state your main message and then lead them to where they can find out more information (website/facebook/twitter etc) 


You must give to get back

Why should they use your products or services? What are the benefits to them? You must get this point across otherwise they will have no reason to go to you and not one of your competitors.


What exactly are you asking?

Before you begin you must decide and write down the main reason you are spending time and money on this promotion. What action are you hoping for? For all the amazing designing and materials you can use, if your message does not get across then you may as well be throwing money away. Make sure you have a clear call to action so that the reader knows what to do next.


Don’t cram too much in

White space is your friend! It makes it easier to read, just don’t scare people away with so much information that they don’t know where to start. 


Don’t make your logo the main message

It is important that the reader knows the name of the company but it is not the main criteria. The main focus is to show what the main purpose is. If the reader doesn’t know exactly what point you are trying to get across within the first 5 seconds then you will have lost their attention.  


Check, check and check again

Ask various people to check it, and not just people within your company. Fresh eyes are going to have the same reaction to your leaflet as the reader who picks up your leaflet. And pleeeeeaase check all phone numbers, addresses, spellings etc. It is SO easy to make a mistake and this is not the best look for your company if you do so!


If you feel like it is time to take the plunge with a new leaflet campaign then please get in touch, we have lots more advice and knowledge to help you get the best results.


Written by Susanna Clark

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